About Us

Farm Girls Amy & Jocelyn

My sister, Amy and I grew up in rural Alberta. My parents farmed a few acres and we grew up eating homemade food, right from my mom’s garden. Our family gatherings centered on good food made from scratch. When we decided to translate our love of food into a business, my sister and I led the charge with our whole family behind us.

Our farm to table, or ‘farm to truck’, philosophy means that our home-made creations are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Our dishes are inspired by our mother’s and grandmother’s cooking and we hope they create a sense of nostalgia for our customers. Family is at the heart of Farm Girls and our tradition for full table feasts of farm fresh and delicious creations is what inspires our menu. We serve up comfort food made from scratch with a gourmet twist.

Our whole family (there are 21 of us in our immediate family) has been involved in helping us build Farm Girls, the first gourmet comfort food truck of its kind in Calgary.

- Farm Girl Jocelyn