Pork, Goat Cheese & Herb Meatloaf Sliders

with a Cornmeal Crunch and Caramelized Onion on momma's homemade buns

Pork, Goat Cheese & Herb Meatloaf Sliders

Creamy Old Cheddar, Truffle & Butternut Squash MAC 'n' CHEESE

with a Bacon Pumpkin Seed Crispy Onion Crust

Creamy Old Cheddar, Truffle & Butternut Squash Mac 'n' Cheese

Garden Glory Victory Bowl

(vegetarian and gluten free)

A Fine Selection of Seasonal Veggies, nuts all atop Brown Rice served with a Maple Cider Dressing

Garden Glory Victory Bowl

Braised Beef Shepherds Pie

Smothered in a seasonally inspired homemade BBQ sauce, loaded with roasted veggies and a Yam Blue Cheese Mash

Braised Beef Shepherds Pie

Lamb Pot Pie

Sauteed lamb, onion and fennel, with roasted veggies and lentils, topped with a homemade buttery chive biscuit and pistachio pea pesto. 


Don't worry we didn't and never forget about dessert!!

An ample amount of delectable sweets and treats will always be available! Farm Girls serves up many other original food creations depending on the season, weather and inspiration.